Stephanie M.

My experience with 700 Plus Credit has been amazing. They are very helpful and were able to get my credit score at 700+ within months. I spoke to Debbie and she had great explanations and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend going to them if you want to fix your credit score.

Olga A.

I am a returning customer because I believe in the excellent customer service but most of the amazing results that Elvira and her team provide!! The only reason I am returning ia because after my credit repair I made some bad decisions which affected my score negatively!

Maribel L.

I was with the company for 7 months and they did miracles with my credit! I was at 550s and they got me to the 720s! My credit Specialist Estella Lopez was always on top of her game she answered all of my questions when i needed help. She also gave me good advice on […]

Mary G.

I recommend 700+ credit to anyone who wants to fix their credit. I went to them a year ago and they have been very helpful … they understand things happen in life and I was at a point that I felt that it was going to be impossible to get good credit again because of […]

LaKeisha B.

700 Plus Credit is hands down, The Best. I was skeptical coming into this as I have been down this road before with another credit repair service. They did nothing the entire year I paid them my money. I’ve only been with 700 Plus Credit for 6 months and my score has improved dramatically. I […]

Mike C.

During our process, i personally have seen how my credit score has improved. I was able to acquire two vehicles. A 2010 Dodge Ram and a 2010 Chrysler 300. not only did 700 Plus Credit, LLC restore my credit but I have been able to obtain different types of loans through their service. I have […]

Fidencio M.

I am really satisfied and happy with the job they did. In less than 6 months, my credit was excellent! I could refinance my house and lowered my interest rate from 10.23% to 3.5%. Not only are they my credit company, but they are also my financial advisers. I am very thankful for my representative, […]

Jennifer T.

700 Plus Credit, LLC is absolutely the BEST Company for credit restoration and for loans. With their help, I was able to buy a car right away. They also helped me refinance my vehicle at aninterest rate of 7.49%. It was INCREDIBLE!!! Look at me now…with a GREAT credit score.

Rebecca S.

My friend referred me to 700 plus credit and my life changed forever. Elvira was my representative and she helped me restore my credit. She explained everything to me and took me through steps on how they were going to help me fix my credit. It hasn’t even been a year yet and my credit […]

Walter R.

How do you like me now…banks are knocking on my door for the opportunity to do business with me. I am a 704 beacon score thanks to the help of 700 Plus Credit, LLC, who helped me reach my goal. They are also helping me in getting a new home loan with a low interest […]