Charles H.

I decided it was time for a change! So I went to 700 Plus Credit, LLC for their services. They were able to re-establish my credit and bring my fico score to 722. They also helped me get a personal loan of $5000 with a low interest rate of 8.99%. Thank You 700 Plus Credit, […]

Victor C.

I am a great witness of the service 700 Plus Credit, LLC offers. After finishing my service with them, I was able to refinance my vehicles at the interest rate of $3.99% with my high score of 697 now. I am so grateful, Thank you 700 Plus Credit!

Sandra B.

When I came to 700 Plus Creditmy credit score was 536 and I could not get approved for a personal loan after applying with many finance companies. I started my process with 700 Plus Credit, LLC, they helped me increase my credit score. Now, I am a 648 score and I was approved for $4,000.00 […]

Oliver H.

700 Plus Credit, LLC, is NOT LIKE these dealerships & other credit restoration companies that promise you the skies and the stars and at the end you don’t get ANYTHING!!! 700 Plus Credit, LLC, is an honest & trustworthy company that will look you in the eye and tell you the truth. They helped me […]

Macario M.

IT WAS TRUE AND IT AIN’T NO JOKE! I am proud to be a 671 Beacon score with no collections on my credit profile. I was approved for an unsecured personal loan with a low, low interest rate. I recommend you to call them before the year is over…..CALL AND ACT NOW!!

Gaby T.

When I first got with 700 Plus Credit I didn’t have sufficient credit with any of the credit bureaus. I was in desperate need for a vehicle. Luckily the loan officer, Shomara Jimenez, was able to help me get into the car of my dreams. This company has been helpful throughout the process of repairing […]

Ernesto R.

Before joining 700 Plus Credit I wanted to purchase a house and in order to do that I needed to have my credit score in the 600’s, after searching online I came across y’all’s website and saw all the good reviews and ratings. I am very satisfied with the outcome my scores they went up […]

Genesis P.

They are so helpful and knowledgeable. I was finally able to refinance my car with a great APR!!!

Juan Z.

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Alfonso Z.

My first impression from this company was great! They helped me clear and build up new credit so I finally bought the house of my dreams for my family at a 5.5% no down payment. Thanks to 700 Plus Credit and the new score of 730 they helped me achieve!”