Tradelines For Credit in Houston

Tradelines for Credit Repair in Houston, Texas

It is no secret that credit scores play a huge role in major purchases like a home or new vehicle. A low credit score can lead to higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums, and even credit denial. For the 70 million Americans suffering from bad credit, the credit repair process can seem long and grueling – paying off debt, getting rid of credit cards and creating perfect payment history is only the start.

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There has to be a quicker solution, right?

Let’s start with understanding the term “tradeline.” A tradeline is any account appearing on your credit report.

An updated tradeline is an account on your credit report that has been updated. If someone with a good credit score adds you as an authorized user to one or more of their seasoned tradelines—like a credit card—you can reap the benefits of their positive credit history.

This credit repair technique—if you decide to buy tradelines—is used to quickly increase your FICO score enough to gain approval on loans, negotiate better interest rates, or even have a rental application approved.

If you buy tradelines, or what’s also known as “buying someone else’s credit”, is considered a loophole for those who are suffering from low credit scores.

This exact scenario is why more and more companies are offering customers the opportunity to buy tradelines to improve their bad credit. You simply pay the company a fee, give your name and social security number, and they link you with someone who has good credit.

This person adds you as an authorized user to one of their accounts, and the positive payment history of that account raises your credit score. If this is starting to sound too good to be true, it’s because it likely is. While you can buy tradelines—it’s currently legal—it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Is Piggybacking Credit Legal – Click here for more information on Piggybacking Credit

When you buy tradelines in Houston, you can’t have the perks without the cold, hard truth. By purchasing a tradeline, you are basically telling creditors that all of the positive information about someone else is true about you. Of course, some would point out that this type of “piggybacking” for credit is done all the time.

One-third of Americans are already using other people’s credit to improve their scores. While they typically do so by becoming authorized users on friends’ and family members’ accounts, is that really different than using a third party’s credit history? Many would argue “no.”

Regardless, it’s something you’ll want to consider before rushing to buy tradelines in Houston.

Tradelines – The Credit Repair “Hack”

Authorized user accounts are thought of as a credit repair “hack” for those in a hurry to boost their credit scores in a couple months, rather than years. Adding yourself as an authorized user to someone’s positive credit line can increase your score and allow you access to better interest rates and loans.

Before taking the leap to buy tradelines, do your research and seek professional advice from 700 Plus Credit.

If you are looking to improve your FICO score, the basics of good credit will never fail you.

If you want to buy tradelines in Houston, keep in mind that while this strategy doesn’t offer immediate results, it’s well worth it—your patience will pay off tenfold once you’re enjoying the perks that come with a higher credit score!

Ready to increase your credit score by purchasing a tradeline in Houston? Give the Houston tradeline specialists a call at (713) 661-5505 or fill out the form below to speak with a credit tradeline specialist now!

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