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Our Mesquite, TX Credit Repair agents lead our clients in the right financial direction so they can be better equipped and prepared to make the right financial decisions. 700 Plus Credit strives to empower our clients with financial knowledge that affects their credit report and credit score. Credit RestorationYour credit score might be the most important three-digit number in your life! Your financial health and stability are vital. From higher interest rates to denied loan applications, a low credit score can profoundly hurt you and your family, but our Mesquite credit repair agents can help! Credit ApprovalEvery client is unique and every situation is unique. We want to help you achieve the resolution that you need to achieve full financial health. Our team can to offer the personal attention and the fully customized action plan you deserve.
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Bad Credit Affects Thousands of Mesquite Residents

In Mesquite, we work hard for our money! Unfortunately, everything you buy with credit will cost much more when you have bad marks on your credit report. When negative information is on your report, you will become the victim of higher interest rates and much more. You will pay hundreds or thousands of unnecessary dollars. Our Mesquite credit repair agents can help you today!

Our Mesquite Credit Repair Agents Can Help You Remove:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Liens
  • Inaccuracies
  • Inquiries
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Off’s
  • Collections
  • Judgements
  • Foreclosures
There is good news – You have the legal right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to challenge any item on your credit report that may be misleading, incomplete or unverifiable. If a challenged item cannot be verified, the credit bureaus must remove it. This sounds easy but most find it near impossible to do on their own. Having a 700 Plus Credit working for you can be the most effective method to yield the best results.

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Mesquite TX Credit Repair Articles and Blog Updates

5 Crucial Lessons Teens Need to Be Taught About Credit

1. Understanding the value of a dollar
Perhaps the toughest lesson to teach teens is the value of a dollar. Many teens aren’t working as they’re focused on school and they may have the perception that simply swiping a card through the credit card reader gets you anything you want. Because of this they have a hard time making the connection between money being spent and using a credit card.

Teens need to be taught early and constantly reminded that credit is debt. This means teens need to understand the idea that just because they have spending room on their credit card it doesn’t mean they have to utilize it.

A potentially easy way to convey the value of a dollar to teens, and to get them to use their credit wisely, is to remove cash from their checking account, or directly from their person, for each corresponding dollar they spend on their credit card. This way there’s a tangible connection of how much they’re spending and they’ll likely make wiser decisions as to whether or not a product or service is worth buying.

2. How credit card interest and fees work
Secondly, it’s evident from Charles Schwab’s study that most teens don’t have a good grasp of how credit card interest and fees work, so this would be the next most important topic to tackle.

Teens need to be taught that what they purchase can actually wind up costing a lot more than the sticker price over the long run if they only plan to make the minimum payment on their credit card. Because teens are unlikely to have much if any credit history, credit companies are unlikely to give them an attractive APR, making it critical that they understand the connection between interest, time, and how much they choose to pay on their bill.

Under the Credit CARD Act of 2009 credit statements are required to have a minimum balance warning to demonstrate to consumers how much they’d pay in interest if they just made the minimum payment. This can be an important learning tool for teens.

3. How their credit score can affect them
Once teens have a good grasp on the true value of a dollar and how credit card interest and fees work it’s time to teach them why making their payments on time and maintaining good credit habits is so important.

In addition to teaching teens the basics about the credit score system, they should be taught about how lenders will use their credit history to determine their interest rate and available balance. Teens also need to understand that their credit score can affect more than just their ability to get a new credit card or obtain a mortgage. As was noted earlier, employers and landlords will often look at an individuals’ credit report to get a bead on their trustworthiness. An individual with a lower score may be viewed as a risk and could lose out on a good job or a favorable apartment or home.

4. Not all debt is bad debt
Although it’s important teens understand the seriousness of using credit to make purchases, they should also be taught that not all debt is necessarily bad.

For example, teens or their families may not have enough cash on hand to pay for the rising cost of a college education. This means more teens than ever are applying for student loans to get through college. According to The Project on Student Debt, 69% of seniors who graduated from public and nonprofit college in 2013 had some form of student loan debt, with the average student loan equaling $28,400.

While no debt is welcomed with open arms, a student loan could be a path toward a better paying job and career advancement. The Pew Research Center noted earlier this year that Millennials aged 25-32 with a Bachelor’s degree or better earned a median of $45,500 per year in salary compared to just $28,000 for millennials of the same age group that only had a high school diploma. A good education could easily cover the cost of a student loan, making a student loan a potentially smart move.

5. How to protect their information
Finally, considering the number of credit card breaches we’ve learned of from major corporations over the past year it’s definitely worth teaching teens how to safeguard their information.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram are popular stops for teens these days who want to express to the world the ups and downs of their day. Some might even be tempted to post their accomplishment of obtaining their first credit card online with a photo — a potentially dangerous idea that could wind up with their account information being stolen.

Another common method of account information theft is credit card offers being thrown in the trash. Thieves can very easily pull your info from these offer sheets and open an illegal account in your name. The easy solution is to teach teens to shred all credit card offers.

It’s also a smart idea for teens and their parents to go over their credit report at least once a year and look for discrepancies. Even if identity theft isn’t a problem, it’s quite possible that credit reporting agencies can make mistakes.

There are no guarantees that teaching teens these five crucial lessons will set them up for credit success, but if more teens were taught these steps early there’s a very good chance that future generations would wind up with higher credit scores and better spending habits.


Know the influencing facts about Mesquite Credit Repair

There are many factors that affect credit repair. What are the factors that affect the credit is important to know, so that in future if you want to have some credit for your emergency needs you should not suffer. Life is unexpected turns of the luck and bad luck. When people need money for their emergencies they should be in a position to raise sufficient money so that they can come out from their emergencies. This is very important for every individual.

One should not neglect any aspects of their credit repair. Therefore it is necessary for them to know collection accounts on credit report. The collection accounts on credit report are an important factor so that one needs to be alert in this matter. How one should make their accounts on credit report compatible is the question that needs an answer.

There are many organizations which say that they will fix bad credit or they can do the credit repair and so many things on credit repair. But it is important for you to know all such announcements are fictitious and worthless according to attorneys of federal trade commission. Instead of depending on the other institutions and private companies they have suggested people to look after their credit repair entirely by themselves so that their credit report will attain a state of credibility only if you provide all the details without hiding anything in your report.

Necessary facts that are important for the finance people should not be hidden and you should be honest to avoid many unpleasant situations in the future. In case of bankruptcy credit repair has to be done, accepting the facts and keeping in line with clearing the debts to fix bad credit is the best way to come out from the bad credits.

The only way to improve credit score is to clear the loans taken in one or other way and to improve credit score. Sometimes all the genuine reasons can help you to escape from the debts. Here honesty will be counted as some organization and companies run a thorough check to go through the process of giving employment in their companies. If you are caught up with bad credit, or bankruptcy accounts then it make negative impact on your future job.

So to get good job it is necessary to improve credit score so that it will have positive effect on your future job. Mesquite credit repair help can be done by you only, if can follow few steps which are very good to bring back you in the mainstream of good credits.

To raise credit score, you need to follow some simple steps which are very good for you. The steps taken in time can save your future life by bringing good position effects on your job and your personal life. You will be more prepared to face the life with positive attitude and courage to face your future life with confidence. Depending on yourself by giving real facts and information about your credit report always brings in the good results.

Checking your Credit in Mesquite

In order to check your credit, you will need to contact one or more of the agencies above. You can visit their websites individually and request a credit report. Alternatively, you can visit and request your report from one or all of the big three. You are entitled to one free credit report each 12-month period from each of the three agencies. You can request your report again within that period, but you may be charged a fee.

Once your have your credit score, what does it mean? People talk about good credit and bad credit, but rarely do they list the actual numbers involved. Here is an idea of what the credit score range looks like. Keep in mind that most credit scores range from 300 to 900.

  • Under 500: This is the lowest of the low. It is difficult to get a credit score this low, and once it has reached this point, it is difficult to fix it. You will have a had time getting any loans, and those you do will come with interest rates akin to the worst payday advances. If your score ever reaches this point, you would do well to visit a credit repair agency for assistance
  • 500-580: This range is considered bad credit. You will still be able to secure financing, home loans, auto loans and other borrowing. However, you will find high interest rates across the board. At this stage, a credit repair agency can help quite a bit
  • 580-619: While still considered poor credit, this particular range is more acceptable. You will still encounter high interest rates, but you won’t suffer as much from denied financing. Diligence and monitored financing can improve a score from this level without the aid of a repair agency, but you can still benefit from their help if you have a particular debt or nuisance pulling down your score
  • 620-680: This is a fair credit score, and you won’t have much trouble financing any purchases. You can, however, still benefit from improving your score
  • 680-720: At this range, your credit score is about as high as it will go without detailed monitoring and impeccable financial responsibility.
  • Above 720: At this point your credit score is excellent. No loan will be a challenge and you will have amazing deals with interest rates. This is the level everyone should aspire to reach, despite how much work it entails