Financial Services

Personal Loans

700 Plus Credit assists members in obtaining personal loans for essential needs such as remodeling loans, air conditioning for the home, and unsecured personal loans from $500 to $25,000 depending on your credit score.

We can secure personal loans for our members even if their credit score is less than perfect. We have financial sources and affiliates that work with us to facilitate this process.

Auto Loans & Auto Refinancing

700 Plus Credit can obtain auto loans and auto refinancing for its members. We can get low interest rates to buy a new car or a used car through one of our credit union affiliates.

We can also help our members convert high interest rates on their vehicles to low interest rates. In addition, we can help get the equity out of the vehicle into your hands.

Mortgage Consulting

700 Plus Credit provides consulting services on your mortgage. We have a wealth of information through our affiliates to help you understand how to reduce your mortgage payments and how to maintain your mortgage payments in this tough economy.

Credit Card Consolidation

700 Plus Credit will help you get a loan to pay off high interest credit cards. We will help you get on loan to pay off all your high interest credit cards so you can save money.


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